THC Milk Chocolate Bars x2

THC Milk Chocolate Bars x2

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NEW from Space Kitchen. We bring you these delicious, chocolate bars. THC infused goodies, that’s right! THC and plenty of it. Chocolate made with LOVE! taste wonderful and are strong in THC. (don't eat all at once).
  • 2 milk chocolate bars per pack. 110g total
  • Each bar is around 14cm x 7cm
  • Made with a blend of different strains all 20% plus THC
May contain egg and traces of nuts and soy

2 reviews for THC Milk Chocolate Bars x2

  1. Dave


    New to this THC food and i was very impressed on my first order and now also on my 11th order. helps my shakes and pain. couldn’t live without you guys you are a god send for me. thanks

  2. Yan


    When are these back in stock as there my favourite

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