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The Stardawg strain is a pungent sativa-dominant hybrid composed of 60% Cannabis sativa and 40% Cannabis indica. It has moderate to high THC levels, around 22%, and contains no CBD. This strain is known for its offensive aroma and energetic effects.  Stardawg is ideal for managing stress, inflammation, chronic pain, and depression when appropriately dosed.


The Stardawg strain (cultivar) is the love child of parents Chemdawg 4 and Tres Dawg — two well-known hybrid strains from the Top Dawg seed company in the Bay Area of California. Stardawg has a very pungent, earthy scent with strong diesel, chemical, and earthy notes inherited from both parent strains.


This confronting smell can scare some people away, especially beginners or those used to sweet strains. But for cannabis lovers, this strong funky aroma — which has been compared to morning breath and roadkill — adds to the strain’s effects.


As this strain is sativa-dominant, its main effects are energizing and uplifting. It is often used to boost mood and provide clarity. This strain is also well known for its long-lasting high. Stardawg’s effects can last over three hours, longer than most marijuana strains.


For these reasons, Stardawg is a good strain to start your day. Though it comes with a word of caution: this strain’s pungent aroma makes it very hard to be discreet. You might want to keep this in mind if you want to try it before work or in a public setting.


The name Stardawg was coined partly because of its lineage and the star-like trichomes covering the buds’ surface. These crystal-like trichomes are said to be so densely packed on this strain that the buds twinkle like stars in the night sky: A fitting name for a strain that lifts you up and has you swimming in the stars.


Felt Relaxed
Felt Happy
Felt Euphoric
Felt Uplifted
Felt Sleepy
Had Dry Mouth
Had Dry Eyes
Felt Paranoid
Helps Insomnia
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I found this really great for my stress. My wifes Joint pain gone. Below are opinions of over 100 users.

- James N
Was Energizing


Was Calming


Felt Dizzy
Got Headache
Helps Stress
Helps Anxiety
Helps Depression
Helps Pain
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