Lemon Tree
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Not to be confused with cultivators by the same name, the strain Lemon Tree comes from secretive growers somewhere on this big planet of ours. By crossing Lemon Skunk and Sour Diesel, someone developed this evenly-balanced bud with the intention of combining bold flavors and effects that are ideal for most users. Many recommend using Lemon Tree in the latter portions of the afternoon to ensure full relaxation come bedtime. Considered to be fairly moderate when it comes to potency, Lemon Tree averages around 20% THC and at her very strongest will show up right around 25%. Her nugs are very round and dark in color, however a thick coating of very bright trichomes helps to lighten up her look. As one would guess, Lemon Tree takes on super strong notes from both of her parents, blending zesty lemon and fragrant skunk for a taste and aroma that’s a love it or hate it situation. If you’re turned off by the thought of her, consider that she didn’t win Best Hybrid at the 2014 Seattle Cannabis Cup for no reason.

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Felt Relaxed
Felt Happy
Felt Euphoric
Felt Uplifted
Felt Sleepy
Had Dry Mouth
Had Dry Eyes
Felt Paranoid
Helps Insomnia
%Reliable Cannabis Blogs And Information %Cannabis Shop Online

I found this really great for my stress. My wifes Joint pain gone. Below are opinions of over 100 users.

- James N
Was Energizing


Was Calming


Felt Dizzy
Got Headache
Helps Stress
Helps Anxiety
Helps Depression
Helps Pain
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