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Mimosa strain is a cannabis created by Symbiotic Genetics. This is a sativa-dominant hybrid marijuana that is the result of combining Clementine and Purple Punch strains. Also known as Purple Mimosa, this weed comes with a THC content of 19-25% which is quite potent. It has Myrcene as the dominant terpene and offers energizing effects that come with a sidenote of relaxation. This weed won second place in the High Times Cannabis Cup of 2018, held in California.

The resulting delicious aroma and flavor profiles are very fruity in nature. There are pretty strong notes of lemon, along with other sweet citrusy orange flavor. These sour and tangie notes are made a bit mellow by the presence of earthiness and some sweet tones of pine. The strong aroma and taste stay true to the name of the strain, reminding you of a nice mimosa cocktail with champagne and orange juice.

Mimosa is characterized by a stunning appearance, good-looking bright green color buds with orange pistils covered with dense crystal trichomes.

Being excellent sativa-dominant hybrid strain with only 30% of Indica genotype, this ravishing cannabis cultivar is widely known for leaving tokers quite happy and full of energy. It causes the user to feel uplifted and ready to take on the day and mundane tasks. With these results, this becomes a popular choice for daytime smokers who want to stay active. The small doses make it suitable for use by beginners, too. It can, however, make consumers a little sleepy too, so make sure you try it once to see if it affects you like that.

The usual side effects are dry mouth and eyes. It can make some people a little uneasy as well. However, medical marijuana patients can utilize this strain’s powers to relieve symptoms of anxiety, depression or stress (but first, be sure to consult your doctor). This cannabis is not difficult to find in dispensaries. If you like this cultivar, you may also like Ice Cream Cake weed as well, they have similar effects but the second one has more pungent flavor.

Felt Relaxed
Felt Happy
Felt Euphoric
Felt Uplifted
Felt Sleepy
Had Dry Mouth
Had Dry Eyes
Felt Paranoid
Helps Insomnia
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The best strain i have ever had and i have been smoking 20 years. I love this site and product.

- John Sugar
Was Energizing


Was Calming


Felt Dizzy
Helps Stress
Helps Anxiety
Helps Depression
Helps Pain
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