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About Me

I am a blogger and long-term arthritis sufferer. I wanted THC but my Doctor didn't assist. I have a family and don't want to go buying on the street. I found some sites offering assistance but not all were ligit. Here I assist others to buy cannabis online.


Annie Nelson

Cannabis blogger

This is a is an information resource and we do sell some products. Only licensed dispensaries can sell cannabis in the UK. We do not support the purchase of cannabis illegally. Our aim is to provide a reliable source of information based on facts about cannabis and its properties to aid health and wellbeing.

We take no responsibility for your actions and will not be held liable for use of cannabis. You should seek medical advise from your doctor. the information on this site is sourced from the public domain.

The use of cannabis for health benefits is well documented and we do not profess to know everything. We advise you to research and take no responsibility for adverse health affects from the information on this site.

Please contact us if you require any further information or help, you can contact us via live chat or the contact us page. Please read our full disclaimer available on this site. Thanks for visiting and we wish you happiness and good health.

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%Reliable Cannabis Blogs And Information %Cannabis Shop Online

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