Ice Cream Cake
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Ice Cream Cake is a renowned indica-dominant hybrid, descended from the equally lauded Wedding Cake and Gelato #33 strains. Upon one’s first encounter with Ice Cream Cake, the crystalline sheen of its buds becomes apparent, covered fully by cannabinoid-rich trichomes. Indica strains have a reputation for inducing deep-seated tranquility and restfulness in those consume them, and Ice Cream Cake is no different. However, the strain also utilizes aspects of its sativa genetics to produce a cannabis high that is often described as completely unique. Likewise, the strain’s aroma and flavor are considered to be exceptionally delectable compared to other, similar strains. When presented at kickbacks or other cannabis-oriented get-togethers, Ice Cream Cake is virtually guaranteed to make an instant connection with those that make its acquaintance.
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Felt Relaxed
Felt Happy
Felt Euphoric
Felt Uplifted
Felt Sleepy
Had Dry Mouth
Had Dry Eyes
Felt Paranoid
Helps Insomnia
%Reliable Cannabis Blogs And Information %Cannabis Shop Online

I found this really great for my stress. My wifes Joint pain gone. Below are opinions of over 100 users.

- James N
Was Energizing


Was Calming


Felt Dizzy
Got Headache
Helps Stress
Helps Anxiety
Helps Depression
Helps Pain
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