THC Jungle Boys Vape

THC Jungle Boys Vape

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Disposable Vape Pen complete with weed strain concentrate.

1x disposable cartridge is a 82.07% TCH vape pen with complete with full cartridge. These premium cartridges will give you big bong-like hits every time, very strong. These vape pens are disposable yet rechargeable, so unlike other cheaper ones, you won’t be left with oil in the cartridge when the battery is low, there is no wastage. 1 pen per order. (Scannable QR code on each item, the genuine I AM).

Total THC: 82.07% CBD: 2.0mg


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2 reviews for THC Jungle Boys Vape

  1. Towner

    Towner (verified owner)

    Top notch .taste flavour terps all there . And 24 hour delivery .boo

  2. Rod

    Rod (verified owner)

    Absolutely incredible service and product , thank you so much for providing a natural remedy , I’m so very happy I found this establishment, many many thanks for all your efforts , 100% legit , no scams , 10/10

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